This is what you can expect at Annenhof in rural Bad Birnbach.

Who we are



Lothar Brandmeier is passionately devoted to maintaining the outside area of the house. In addition, he runs the local internet radio channel named "Radio Termenland" on the premises of Annenhof. Well, the radio business has always been right up his alley!





Dagmar Brandmeier is mainly responsible for running the hotel service, such as handling reservations, checking guests in as well as delivering the breakfast service. Alongside all of that, she is the chef behind all the signature jams, jellies and spreads of the breakfast buffet. Well, she was born into the hospitality business.


What we strive to provide

We strive to provide our future guests and especially our regular customers with a very warm welcome and a cosy experience. Our passion for what we do enables us to achieve this. We would like to ensure a smooth check in process by being prepared for your arrival. For this, we would like to kindly ask you to let us know your approximate arrival time prior to coming. Most guests check in between 12pm and 4pm, however, upon request (almost) anything is possible.

On the day of your arrival, we will give you detailed information about the local spa, Rottal Terme, should you be planning to spend a day there. We can provide you with discounted tickets, bathrobes, CHRYSANTICARD.....and many other things. Please let us be your "spa" on all the other days of your trip. Our breakfast buffet is open daily from 8am for all our guests, including those who are staying in the apartments and have added breakfast to their booking. Only a short walk from Annenhof, you will find a variety of lunch and dinner restaurants that serve excellent cuisine.

At the end of your stay we would like to kindly ask you, if not agreed differently, to pay your invoice in cash and check out of rooms / apartments by 10am so they can be cleaned and prepared for the next guests.


By the way, should you arrive by train, we will be happy to pick you up at Bad Birnbach railway station (Bahnhof Bad Birnbach) and also drop you off there on the day of departure.



Looking for a customized gift voucher? We got something for you!

 Whether you would like us to put a package together, such as a night at Annenhof with a ticket to the spa, or a cash voucher, we design gift certificates for you and forward them to you by email or mail. Upon receipt of your payment in our account, the gift voucher is activated. All the lucky person needs to do now is make a reservation, show up and enjoy Annenhof and the rural surroundings.


....this is what your birthday breakfast could look like at Annenhof!

We love what we do